My Digital Profile

I found the article interesting because it presented the key differences between digital skills and digital literacies and made me reflect on my level of digital literacies. I feel like when it comes to digital literacies I am unconsciously good because of being a slight over thinker, I tend to analyze the repercussions of myContinue reading “My Digital Profile”

Dear, Young Ludi

Dear, Young ludi  I know you; I am YOU. I want you to listen and listen carefully to what I am going to tell you. You are an emotional, passionate child with big future. If you don’t like something that you are doing stop it, if it does not bring you happiness, stop it. KhaledContinue reading “Dear, Young Ludi”

Who inspires me

There are many figures that inspire me in the world, athletes, politicians and even musicians and artistes for what they do and how they achieve their success. Their unique view on success and the work ethic and follow is quite remarkable. the success stories of so many people are very inspiring because it shows thatContinue reading “Who inspires me”

Dear mom

Dear mom,  How could I ever repay what you have given me from love and experience to advice and teachings. You have been there for me since I was born. I know I was not the most pleasant child growing up, yet you held on to me and never gave up in teaching me overContinue reading “Dear mom”

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has always been present in my life. Peer pressure done not always have to be about drugs or alcohol and what is usually considered peer pressure because peer pressure was present for me when I was a young child and obviously drugs and alcohol were not in the equation. Peer pressure has beenContinue reading “Peer Pressure”


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