Final Reflection  Part 2: Tools for Learning

During this course I was introduced to new platforms and tools to help my learning of course some were very useful while others not as much. I wanted to talk about the tools that really enhanced my learning experience. The 5 tools are slack, blackboard, WordPress, Soliya and google slides. The 5 tools are veryContinue reading “Final Reflection  Part 2: Tools for Learning”

Final Reflection  Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

I think throughout the whole semester I was able to be more in touch with myself and learn more and more about myself due to the number of activities that required a lot of reflection and brainstorming. I feel that the 2 activities that enabled me to really look at myself can my feelings asContinue reading “Final Reflection  Part 1: Reflecting on the Course”

Tinkering path writing – self wellness check

Self-care is important; therefore, one must consider their mental, emotional and spiritual health and Its important to answer questions that make you think about these types of health because sometimes one does not stop to reflect on their health. I don’t have many worries in life el7 but since I was young, I have hadContinue reading “Tinkering path writing – self wellness check”

Game Reflection Our final game is very deep in terms of the learning experience, I feel compared to the first draft is has definitely been improved significantly. I think the final draft of the game truly illustrates the idea we are trying to convey, which is the experience of an athlete and the responsibilities they haveContinue reading “Game Reflection”

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