Final Reflection  Part 2: Tools for Learning

During this course I was introduced to new platforms and tools to help my learning of course some were very useful while others not as much. I wanted to talk about the tools that really enhanced my learning experience. The 5 tools are slack, blackboard, WordPress, Soliya and google slides. The 5 tools are very different from each other in their uses and how we were using them to learn. I have learned a lot from using some of these tools because of course they are not all learning platforms but rather methods of communication. I learned a lot from soliya and google slides. From the soliya sessions I learned a lot about myself and other cultures as well as listening to different perspectives about different topics especially considering the different backgrounds of the participants, allowing me to understand more about the world around me. From google slides I feel I was able to learn more about the skills of google slides and how I can use them better in the future when making a presentation. The other tools did not teach me anything in particular but of course using them definitely improved my communication skills.

I feel that after using them all I found them all to be very suitable and good for the courses. For this course in particular where we were able ot communicate with Dr.Maha with such ease and have the ability to have a good relationship beyond the professor – student relationship meant that blackboard was not necessary because slack was informal and worked extremely well. It was the first time using slack and I was surprised to its effectiveness because initially I was not very convinced it would work, however the way we were able to communicate and share information together truly made the group of students closer to each other. Word press again being an alternative to blackboard was amazing. In all my previous courses I have always been too concerned with my formality and the way I express myself as well as the formality of deadlines and submitting work. Word Press and the idea of a blog was perfect because everyone expresses themselves differently and the absence of a rubric, I found to be extremely good for the way I express myself. I have never been able to express my thinking and ideas so freely before therefore I feel it’s very suitable as a learning tool. Soliya was a very good platform for learning because it encouraged inclusion and participation and with the help of the moderators the learning experience was enhanced. I found it a very good tool to help during our sharing and learning. Lastly google slides was very good for the game and suitable especially due to the ease in which operating and presenting, furthermore being online it allowed for improved cooperation with my partner.

I learned a lot about myself from this course and it is definitely sue to the activities and the tools used to do the activities. The tools were not what made me learn about myself but rather the actives. For example, writing the blogs and reflecting was what made me learn about myself, furthermore the google slides was used for the game and it was the process of brainstorming about the game which is what helped me learn about myself rather than the actual tool. I am happy that they tools were there because they were a medium for the leaning. 

The tools were however responsible instilling me with new skills, skills that will benefit me very much in the future. For example, the tools that improved my communication were soliya, word press and slack. Soliya and slack were more focused on my social skills and how I present myself to others around both through text and through speaking which is definitely very important, good social skills are essential in any meeting or encounter in the future, therefore knowing the audience and how to address everyone differently was learned. Word press was a different form of communication. through word press I learned how to truly express myself because I could write so freely what was on my mind without hesitation. Through google slides I was able to learn the skills specifically related to google slides such as the use of hyperlinks.

I really enjoyed using all the tools throughout the semester and therefore I would definitely use them for future courses if they were offered because of the ease in which I was able use them, furthermore outside of the university I would definitely use them if the opportunity arose. 

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