Final Reflection  Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

I think throughout the whole semester I was able to be more in touch with myself and learn more and more about myself due to the number of activities that required a lot of reflection and brainstorming. I feel that the 2 activities that enabled me to really look at myself can my feelings as well as my thoughts were the learning pathways and brainstorming for the game. The tinkering path where I was making writing pieces was very beneficial because the assignments required a lot of depth and reflection, thinking about myself and my fears, furthermore the questions in the assignments were not vague but rather they promoted thinking and increased writing and that’s why I was able to express myself without feeling judged. For the game I was able to reflect on my past and my decisions and my regrets as well as understanding why I did not success in swimming despite being very good. It was the ability to reflect that I felt was necessary for me to grow. Although I am a very reflective person in general or maybe an overthinker I never before looked at my swimming past. Overall, it was an experience that made me understand more about my decisions and their consequences.

There are skills that I have learned in this course that will be very beneficial for my academic life, of course the standout answers are the digital skills that I learned such as getting pictures that aren’t copyrighted as well as learning the tools on google slides and different mediums for making presentations as well as forms. These soft skills will definitely be beneficial because they enable me to express myself in different ways rather than just written assignments. 

Similarly, there are many skills that I have learned in this semester that will help my social life. Obviously, everyone joins the new semester and new course no knowing anyone and I feel that forcing myself to socialize and communicate definitely allowed myself to improve my skills in this area. Furthermore, the large group talks that we had allowed me to improve my listening and talking skills especially in larger groups because it is easy to talk over people and embrace my strong personality but then no one will feel comfortable to speak and I think from this class I have learned to really accept the different personalities around me.  

The class was very much focused on social media and therefore the increased awareness I have on the way that social media can influence people’s lives as well as the way they function, furthermore the lack of security is very frightening. By understand the consequences of my actions as well as what I should and shouldn’t post and what not to say considering everything can be found and if I say anything it can be found and cause problems for me in the future. Moreover, I feel it has benefited me especially when I am expressing myself because I can now identify my audience more easily and therefore, I consider how I present myself and what I post.

For my career I feel that the most useful thing that I improved on was working in a group. When I was working on the game with Aly El Hefnawy we had to collaborate together for a lot of the work and despite not knowing each other prior to the class I feel I was able to develop my teamwork skills. Teamwork skills are about listening and sharing as well as being able to communicate information efficiently and effectively. In the future I feel they will be very important in the working environment because no one works alone 

If I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would use these three things, the game, pathways pieces and the ALTCV. I think the game no doubt has to be the stand out piece. Because of the effort put into the game and the experience I feel both of me and my partner had as well as the experience it provides to our players. Firstly, being able to make a good friend out of this project was enough for me but I was able to really grow and reflect on my past from the game task. The pathways task definitely has to be one of the things that show learning because the tasks demonstrate my individual growth because the tasks required me to really think about my thoughts and emotions. 

Although the course overall I felt was a great success but of course there are some things that may need some fine tuning or changes that can be made for further engagement in the course. One aspect of the course that was very enjoyable yet could benefit from improvements is the Soliya experience. The soliya sessions were far too long and I felt myself losing interest frequently during the sessions, I believe shortening the duration could yield better results because more focus equals more engagement and therefore more learning. Another improvement could be made to the long readings. The reading although interesting seemed to never end and therefore perhaps shorter readings or summaries could provide the same effect.

In one sentence I genuinely believe anyone and everyone can and should take this course because it definitely makes you look at yourself differently and helps you grow and everyone can benefit from development. 

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