My Digital Profile

I found the article interesting because it presented the key differences between digital skills and digital literacies and made me reflect on my level of digital literacies. I feel like when it comes to digital literacies I am unconsciously good because of being a slight over thinker, I tend to analyze the repercussions of my actions online so some extent. I feel like I can comfortably post something online on different platforms because I can compare the differences in audience and privateness of a website as well as consider the views of others, both close and strangers. therefore when I consider my digital profile I can understand how I am comfortable in many of the areas, furthermore I understand why I am not doing as well in the other areas. I need to improve in two areas in “find and use” as well as “tools and technology”. I think I am good in digital literacies in the areas that require addressing and understanding my audience as well as the consequences of my actions however when it comes to the literacies that require more skill and understanding of the technology I’m using such as getting copyright images and citing as well as acknowledging the greater. I think this stems due to the fact that I do not consider these issues such big deals to therefore I dont develop in those areas. for example I am not entirely convinced in the all the problems of copyright, therefore I have not taken action to improve myself in that area. however with other literacies such as those that have consequences on the way people view me I have developed myself to adapt. therefore overall I think I am doing well in the literacies I just need to give more attention and importance to those I lack.

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